Rude Doctor downgraded to Nurse by Alpha Male

A rare piece of straight erotica as I decided to give something different a try. This book gets pretty hot, pretty fast and is rather down and dirty. If you like reading about submissives getting stripped of their power and letting a relative stranger take them down a peg or two then this one should be for you.

The Amazon description is as follows:

Stacy was a very accomplished and dedicated young doctor but boy did she know it. She would constantly talk down to junior members of staff and belittle nurses who weren’t as educated as her.

When someone put up a wanted poster of her in the break room saying that the police were after her for turning tricks, instead of tearing it down and shouting at whoever played such a juvenile prank, Stacy found herself getting excited by the prospect.

The person behind it noticed and decided to turn things up a notch, leading the 29 year-old down a path to discovering that deep down, she was like so many others, ruled by what goes on in between her legs.

This 7,700 word story is about what happens when an alpha male gets hold of an alpha woman and shows her just what she really wants.

You can read it for free using Kindle Unlimited or buy it for $2.99 (and currency equivalents thereof) via any of the following Amazon Locales.

If you live in any other country then you can buy it via the USA link.


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