Training Sissy Boys with the help of Chastity

It is good to be back. After a two-month hiatus of sorts here is the first new book from my new home. It features a local dominatrix using chastity helping to turn a curious crossdresser into a very filthy little sissy whose virginity is taken both orally and anally.

The Amazon description is as follows:

Graham had never felt complete. Something in his life was always missing but he struggled to find out just what it was. One night he crossdressed for a night out and all of a sudden something clicked in his mind. The feeling of that night was one he couldn’t shake.

Eventually he plucked up the courage to go and see a dominatrix to help him get to the bottom of it all. That decision started him on a journey that Mistress Penny had seen all too often, one of a young man who yearned to be something very different indeed.

With the help of chastity and time, she opened his mind to the idea that maybe he wasn’t that into women, it was more that he wanted to be one. This led to her showing Graham that happiness was not the same for everyone and he might be a lot happier as a she in the bedroom department.

This 9,000+ word story contain sissy and feminization scenes.

You can read it for free using Kindle Unlimited or buy it for $2.99 (and currency equivalents thereof) via any of the following Amazon Locales.

If you live in any other country then you can buy it via the USA link.


I’m always delighted to hear from my readers, whether the feedback is positive or even negative. Tell me what you liked and what you didn’t. Tell me what you want to read more about. Tell me what you’d like to read less about.

You can contact me at and I’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. If you like the book then please do leave me a positive review on Kindle so that other readers can find the story.

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