Who is Allyson Medway?

I just thought instead of plugging my latest work, I’d write a quick blog about why I got into writing books and how I feel it has gone over the first few months.

First of all I have no idea how I’d class myself on the BDSM spectrum. I fantasize about being extremely submissive but likes many people, finding like minded people has been a struggle. I’ve been in a relationship for a couple of years or so and my partner likes both my male and female persona, which is rather handy to say the least.

A lot of my writing has some basis in my own kinks and daydreams but many just take off, having a mind of their own. The work that hits closest to home is writing about crossdressing and being a sissy as these are the two areas of kink where I think my mind likes to live. Some of my work has elements of what I’ve done in the real world weaved throughout the prose.

Ever since I was young, I liked the idea of being tied up and helpless, preferably at the hands of a sexy woman. Also since a young(ish) age I was fascinated with women’s clothing but not what they wear every day, uniforms. The very thought makes my you know what stand up on end. The idea of having to wear what society perceives as a bottom rung of the ladder uniform gets me going like nothing else. This means things like Chambermaids and French Maids are two things I thoroughly enjoy writing about. A lot of my fiction is based about men dressing up as women and submitting.

As I got older I struggled with living with both my personas. When I’m dressed in male clothing, whilst I’m not your typical Jack the Lad character, I do enjoy my sports and am relatively lazy. When dressed up in one of my sissy outfits, I’m extremely submissive and do pretty much what I’m told. Marrying the two people inside of me was always tricky because very few people would understand let alone want to be part of it.

Writing mainly sissy erotica has given me somewhat of a release to explore the dark part of my mind. The space where the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred. Do I want to live out what I write? Sure, sometimes I do but then I often wonder whether in reality I’d ever go through with some of the sinister aspects that make my privates stand to attention. I suspect that is the same for many like me who have this aspect to the their psyche.

Knowing there are others out there who are struggling with similar emotions and indeed are turned on by such things makes things that little bit easier. Before the internet, I had no idea that others had comparable kinks and desires. The world wide web has brought so many bad things into the 21st Century but knowing you are not alone when you feel different is one of the most comforting and reassuring features of this modern age.

Lastly on how the writing is going, well it has been up and down. Some books have sold solid if unspectacular numbers whilst others have barely moved the needle. This is just the way it is when writing erotica but the key is to enjoy what you write. If you get turned on writing then eventually others will discover your work and feel the same. Well that is what I’m hoping anyway. In the real world I’ve recently relocated across the country so the time to write has been few and far between. Hopefully soon they’ll be some new books hitting the Amazon store.