Candy’s First Craigslist Encounter

What sissy hasn’t fantasied about meeting a strange man in a hotel room and losing their anal virginity? Well this book is all about that scenario as we follow Terry’s journey to becoming Candy and submitting to Ian in more ways than one…

The Amazon description is as follows:

Terry had been leading a double life for most of his time on this Earth. To most people he was a regular guy with a doting wife. One person knew that he was different and as she continued to push the boundaries, a cover was blown. Life would never be the same again.

In an attempt to make something of his two world’s colliding, Terry decided to fully embrace his female persona he’d named Candy. At the time it wasn’t clear just how far things would go but buoyed by the support of another in a similar position, the wheels were set in motion.

Momentum is tough to stop as he would find out. In a seedy hotel room one Friday evening, it was clear where everything was heading and that Candy was very much part of his personality.

This 7,500 word story tackles the journey from a sissy’s fantasy and seeing it all the way to a very steamy reality.

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