A very public day locked in a Sissy Maid’s Uniform

The first completed story of 2018 is set on the south coast of England in a place called Brighton. Here we find our main character Noah, who is starting to find his submissive side. He takes a leap of faith and asks his Mistress to expose him to some public humiliation as a crossdresser. That she does as we follow his day working and living as a Sissy Maid.

The Amazon book description is as follows:

Under the tutelage of Mistress Jasmine, Noah has been slowly going the road of submission and sissification.

When he decides he wants to up the ante and be seen in public wearing his Sissy Maid’s uniform, it starts a chain of events that leads to several life changing experiences.

Scared of bottling it like he has done in the past, he gives Mistress Jasmine all the ammunition she needs to ensure he goes through with his fantasy. The big question is does it live up to the reality of living and working as a Sissy Maid?

This story is just over 10,000 words, which that follows one man’s journey from curious about crossdressing all the way through to becoming a fully fledged Sissy Maid in Brighton.

You can read it for free using Kindle Unlimited or buy it for $2.99 (and currency equivalents thereof) via any of the following Amazon Locales.


If you live in any other country then you can buy it via the USA link.

I’m always delighted to hear from my readers, whether the feedback is positive or even negative. Tell me what you liked and what you didn’t. Tell me what you want to read more about. Tell me what you’d like to read less about.

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2 thoughts on “A very public day locked in a Sissy Maid’s Uniform”

    1. I hope you enjoy 🙂

      And yes – sometimes I need some sort of motivator sometimes. Chastity would be a good one . I’ve been lazy as since the Christmas period and need to buck my ideas up, or be spanked repeatedly until I do!

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