Sissy Maid joined by Female Slave at a sleazy motel

The newest book builds upon a previous short story, Sissy Maid at a sleazy motel. This time we see more hot sexual action as Johnny gets joined by his friend Gloria working as chambermaids and prostitutes all under the keen eye on smoking hot boss Clarissa.

The book description on Amazon is as below:

We get to watch how he deals with everything that is being thrown at him and how far he’ll push his limits, whilst all the while seeing Gloria slip into her new surroundings extremely easily…

Johnny had been turned into Olivia by his good friend Gloria and put to work in a sleazy motel on the edge of town.

‘When Gloria saw what Olivia had to go through, she felt an overwhelming dose of jealously. This led to her deciding to join in with the fun and games. The two of them embark on a new life working as Maids at this motel who offer very special extra services.

‘This 15,000 word short story revolves around gay and lesbian submission themes. It follows both Gloria and Olivia as they get used to their new surroundings, coupled with the demands of a very strict boss…

Sissy Maid joined by Female Slave at a sleazy motel builds on the characters and story in Sissy Maid at a sleazy motel. That title is available in the Kindle store but this book can be read as a standalone story.

This book is around 15,000 words and you can read it for free using Kindle Unlimited or buy it for $2.99 (and currency equivalents thereof) via any of the following Amazon Locales.


If you live in any other country then you can buy it via the USA link.

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