Feminized into a Sissy by his crush

The next story I’ve written is all about a lonely man who has a bit of a crush. It seems sweet and innocent enough but he’s also a crossdresser who yearns to be exposed. Little did he know that the person who he was crushing on was all too willing to accept him for who he was, not only that, she had a plan to push his limits even further than our protagonist could ever have imagined…

The book description is as follows:

‘Simon has a crush on the woman who delivers his post. Instead of plucking up the courage to just ask her out, he develops an elaborate plot to show her his true crossdressing self in the hopes that she’ll reciprocate his strange advance.

‘Instead of it working and asking her out on a date, Simon finds himself at the mercy of a woman who knows exactly what she wants and it isn’t being wined and dined in any convention manner.

‘A 12,500 word short story about feminization and how with just a little bit of encouragement, someone’s eyes can be opened to a world that they had never even contemplated before.’


If you live in any other country then you can buy it via the USA link.

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